What Margo did

Margo says:

I’ve put aside the novel I presented at ROR for the next six months, in the hope that that’ll leave room for the 3 short story deadlines I’ve managed to accumulate, despite my best intentions, before Christmas.

Highlights of 2012 have been, of course, the publication of my novel Sea Hearts/The Brides of Rollrock Island, in the UK and Australia in February and next week in the US, where the novel has already got itself five starred reviews.

Also, my Twelve Planets boutique anthology Cracklescape has just been launched by Twelfth Planet Press, which I’m very pleased about, and the deadline purgatory I committed myself to last year is bearing fruit in the arrival of a newly anthologised story every couple of weeks, it feels like!

On the promotional trail, this year I went to Adelaide Writers’ Week (of which I was officially Queen), the Australian Embassy in Beijing’s Australian Writers’ Week and the Bookworm bookshop in Beijing’s literary festival, a Salon at the Avid Reader Bookshop, Sydney and Bendigo book/writers’ festivals, Continuum in Melbourne, and the Edinburgh Book Festival. I hung a little research trip to Ireland onto the end of the Edinburgh trip, for the purposes of walking the country my convict hero trod in the novel-in-progress.

Sounds like lots of fun, Margo, which I could manage a trip to Ireland to do research!

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