Song of the Slums launch

My new steampunk/gaslight romance novel comes out in May, and we’ve arranged an advance launch at Conflux on Saturday April 27th. Conflux is the National Scence Fiction and Fantasy Convention in Canberra. The top part of the invitation looks like this –

A part of the launch flyer for Conflux Con bags
A part of the launch flyer for Conflux Con bags

Song of the Slums is set in the same steampunk universe as Worldshaker and Liberator, but at an earlier time, when the world is blanketed with smog and pollution after the Fifty Years War. It’s the story of how Astor discovers her talent for playing the drums, and how a new kind of music with a driving rock beat arrives and conquers the world – in the middle of the Victorian 19th century!

There’s a special reason for mentioning it here, because the ROR team saw the first draft and critiqued it at our Tasmanian retreat a year or so ago. Thanks, guys, you made it a better book!

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2 Responses to Song of the Slums launch

  1. Chris says:

    Looking forward to the dramatic recitation!

  2. Rowena Cory Daniells says:

    I’m sure Richard will do a wonderful ‘dramatic recitation’!

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