Cover: Power and Majesty

Since it’s cover appreciation week (and if not it should be) I thought I’d pop mine up here – Power and Majesty is due out in June, and just went to print this last week, so I was finally allowed to share the pretty cover.

I had a lot more input into the cover design than I might have expected with such a big publisher – though of course there’s a big difference between ‘input’ and ‘say’. I suggested the dress depicted as being one of the iconic aspects of the book, when we were considering the possibility of a cover which just featured a design element rather than an illustration.

The final image decided upon was of the dress and its wearer Isangell, who is an integral but minor character of the book – but the image beautifully conveys the right kind of feel and style of the book. The first ‘draft’ of the cover I saw was unfinished (they wanted to check it was generally okay before adding more roses to the frock – understandably!) and depicted Isangell in a plain slip. She was standing on a balcony, and while the buildings in the background had a similar gothic feel to the end result, they also looked more ‘dark, foreboding castle on a hill’ than ‘dark, foreboding city’.

Asking for a city background was my big request! We also discussed the frock, the sky colour, and whether there should be naked boys falling out of said sky. (You have to squint, but there’s a distinct possibility that the flying shapes in the background aren’t birds, hehehe). The balcony railing vanished before the final result too, which I was pleased with because there’s an important balcony scene with a different character early on, and it might be confusing.

The cover to me feels like a really good balance between the Voyager ‘look’ and the actual story in the novel… and eeee, review copies are OUT there, so very soon people will be able to tell me whether they think the cover matches the book.

Also, for all of you who did request naked men falling from the sky on the cover, I would like to add that I have made a request for naked men fighting in a lake for Book 2. Sure, the chances are not high, but at least I asked. :D

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8 Responses to Cover: Power and Majesty

  1. Rowena Cory Daniells says:

    Oooh, I can’t wait for Power and Majesty, Tansy. And I’m hanging out for book two already.

  2. mdepierres says:

    Loving this cover.

  3. Thoraiya says:

    I really love the cover, too. And I’ve just pre-ordered Power and Majesty from my local independent bookshop. Exciting!

  4. tansyrr says:

    Thoraiya, you are such an awesome person :D *bounce bounce bounce*

  5. trentjamieson says:

    Great post, Kate. And Rowena’s right that cover’s fab!

  6. trentjamieson says:

    Whoops, wrong post – though I do love your cover Tansy! Can’t wait to see it face out at Avid

  7. tansyrr says:

    Oh, you’d BETTER have it face out :D Best benefit of being mates with booksellers!

  8. It’s an excellent cover – would make me pick it up. The city background is wonderful and I do sooo love that dress. (I can imagine myself in it – although a larger size…)

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