New e-line for Random House

Loveswept (Romance and Women’s Fiction) has been going for a year now and they are starting three new lines: Alibi (Mystery and Suspense), Hydra (SF, Fantasy and Horror) and Flirt (New Adult).

Here’s the article on the Digital Book Wire.

And here’s the home page of Random e-originals.

They say: ‘this digital-only program will seek out the best and brightest names in the next generation of authors, enabling us to cultivate a team of writers in the publishing world’s most prolific and lively genres.  The format will allow us to publish more quickly and to nimbly embrace what’s new in each genre, delivering exciting, fresh, and varied new works every month directly to the digital devices of today’s most eager readers.  Dedicated to affordable, accessible, and accomplished genre fiction, these four imprints will have unprecedented potential, both in terms of breadth and scope.’

Apparently all titles will be available at major e-retailers and will be compatible with all reading devices.

So take a look at what they are offering.


And, while we are talking Digital, there’s a $20 tablet coming out from Data Wind.

‘ the seven-inch Aakash 2 tablet computer Tuli’s company is selling to the government for distribution to 100,000 university students and professors. (If things go well, the government plans to order as many as 5.86 million.)’

Wow… we’re living in the future.

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