Melbourne World Con – Just one observation

Let me misquote Douglas Adams and start out by saying the World Con is big, like really really big. In the US it can be 5,000 to 7,000 attendees, while in Australia this World Con had around 2,500 attendees. This is big compared to our National Conventions which have between 250 – 350 attendees.

So there was no chance to get to every panel, or even half the panels you wanted to get to. In fact it took me three days to walk down the first aisle of the dealer’s room because every time I tried I ran into people I knew and was waylaid chatting.

Here’s Marianne with her anthology ‘Glitter Rose’ produced by Twelfth Planet Press. Support Indy Press!

Here’s a link to a friend of mine’s blog who was much more organised than me and very thoughtfully took notes while observing the panels. This one is The Future is Overtaking Us. This  is my favourite quote:

‘Every generation has the moment when they realize this is no longer in the children’s world and have become adults and they’re now in the future’

I’m sure the other RORees will have much to say on the subject of the World Con, this is just a quick drive-by post from me.

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6 Responses to Melbourne World Con – Just one observation

  1. Thoraiya says:

    Hey Rowena, I really liked the panel you did with Juliet Marillier, sorry we didn’t get to chat face to face…as you say, there was lots to do! Next time!

    It’s Thursday so I’ll just camp here and wait for Trent’s post ;)

    • Sorry to have missed you, Thoraiya. I feel like I know you from the blog.

      That panel on Anachronisms in the great hall was a bit scary. In the smaller rooms you get more audience participation. I felt isolated up there on the stage. Wasn’t sure if we were interesting and there was one woman, four rows up who had fallen asleep!

    • Trent Jamieson says:

      Oh no, Thoraiya!

      I’ve been very slack in my blog postery of late (very slack indeed). I promise a post this Thursday (I have something written, I just want to think it through a little bit more).

      BTW it was nice to meet you, brief as it was, at Worldcon.


    • Trent, you got to meet Thoraiya? When was that?

      I was hoping to catch up.

  2. I agree with you Rowena – it was my first every Con and what an experience. Just so much on offer. I’m glad I made your Kaffeeklatsch as I didn’t get to attend your panels :( Next time.

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