It’s a Cover! (posted by Richard Harland)

By George, I think we’ve got it! And a devilish fine cover it is too!

Song of the Slums


back cover of Song of the Slums


You can see Astor and Verrol running down a wet alleyway in a Victorian era city (could be London, could be Brummingham – both feature in the novel). The wetness of the alley is a triumph of art over nature, because Cathy Larsen, the genius who created the cover, had to scoop dirty water from a puddle and splash it by hand over  the cobblestones to get the right effect for the photoshoot (the alley is actually in Melbourne). Astor has copper-colour hair, as in the novel, Verrol has a steampunk guitar slung over his back because they’re in a Victorian-era rock band. What, you didn’t know rock n roll began in the 19th century? Um, well, here’s the blurb from the back cover, copied out to reveal the whole story …

What if they’d invented rock ‘n roll way back in the 19th century?

What if it could take over the world and change the course of history?

 In the slums of Brummingham, the outcast gangs are making a new kind of music, with pounding rhythms and wild guitars.

 Astor Vance has been trained in refined classical music. But when her life plummets from riches to rags, the only way she can survive is to play the music the slum gangs want.

 Charismatic Verrol, once her servant, is now her partner in crime … and he could be so much more if only he’d come clean about his mysterious past.

It comes out in May from Allen & Unwin – not long now!


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  1. Rowena Cory Daniells says:

    Beautiful cover, Richard. And you are so lucky that the publishers hired actors and set up a photo shoot!

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