Decision Time – LIBERATOR prizes

I have to decide – I can’t decide! But I must decide! I had so much fun reading the entries. You all ought to be doing standup comedy!

For Favourite Corset with Reasons, the prize goes to Ben(C), for admirably detailed examination of the picture, with imaginative swashbuckling interpretation. It was so good that I could even work out that you were talking about the Male Dashing Corset although you called it the Male Black. (Referee judges that a pardonable error because I stuffed up the captions). So drop a line with your snailmail address, Ben –
and a signed copy of LIBERATOR will be coming out in the mail to you.
(If you want it signed to another name, let me know.

(Here’s the picture alongside Ben’s comment)

The ‘Male Black’ definitely the best.
Both because I suspect that, in a moment, one will accuse the other of being a right guttersnipe and they’ll need to get those crossed – possibly golf clubs? – down from above that mirror and swing from chandeliers as they have at it(Also – are those spikes sticking up from the boots under the chair…? Is some sort of convoluted assassination attempt occurring here…?)
And, secondly, I like to think that these two likely lads will later get involved in fighting a dashing yet fearful Piratess of the Air and, whilst heroically swordfighting around the deck and/or above a perilous abyss, she will slash their bodices in a moment that will bring much-needed balance to the world of swashbuckling in general (Huzzah!)

For Best Make-Up-Your-Own corset, the prize goes to Sally Newnham, for the totally bizarre incongruous juggernaut corset. Wish I could put up a picture, but no artist could rise to the task. A mind big enough to imagine something like that deserves a prize!

I’m picturing a Juggernaut Corset, myself. Those sprawling monstrosities need some reining in and what better way to do it? Imagine! A Juggernaut with a waistline! An Hourglass Juggernaut! Constructed of course from vast sheets of beaten steel, plenty of sexy rivets. Stylish yet functional clockwork mechanisms to manage the tree-trunk thick tightening cables. Hot!

Ditto to you Sally – send in your snailmail address to –
and a signed copy of LIBERATOR will be trundling its mighty way towards you (well, it is 465 pages – great value at $19.99 for everyone who didn’t win a copy in the comp).

PS The runner-up in both halves of the competition was Louise – you were hilarious twice over! But anyone who owns a real-life corset like that – I checked it out – well, I reckon you’ve already rewarded yourself!

Thanks to everyone who took part – thanks for all the chuckles!

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4 Responses to Decision Time – LIBERATOR prizes

  1. Louise Curtis says:

    Loved the whole experience Richard – and I totally agree with your choices.

    Also, Ben C is one of my best friends, and if he knows what’s good for him he’ll be lending me the book, stat.

    Louise Curtis

  2. Great competition, Richard!

  3. sally says:

    Oh, I’m delighted to be a winner! And it was very stiff competition indeed! :) Thanks heaps, Richard.

    • Hi Sally!

      Eek! I almost missed your email. And although I’m typing this on my IPad, I’m in mid-book tour and wont have a WiFi connection to send it until I get home tomorrow.

      You’re a very worthy winner. All I need is your snailmail address. And you want it signed to yourself?

      Cheers Richard

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