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Ian Irvine Reveals 41 Ways to Keep Readers Turning the Page!

 41 WAYS TO CREATE AND HEIGHTEN SUSPENSE IN FICTION PART ONE – CHARACTERS AND THEIR PROBLEMS According to top New York literary agent Noah Lukeman (The Plot Thickens), if a writer can maintain suspense throughout the story, many readers will … Continue reading

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How Writing Competitions can help you …

Today we’re going to hear from 2 members of the RWA Paranormal Romance e-group, who have been driving their writing craft and writing careers forward by entering writing competitions. For anyone writing a book that contains characters who are motivated … Continue reading

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Dynamic Dialogue

Last week Rita asked about ‘beats’ in dialogue.  This was a term I had only seen used in plays or scripts when the author leaves a ‘beat’ before the character answers to create suspense. It appears the term ‘beat’ has … Continue reading

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