Blitzing the book trailers …

This Sunday we have a ‘call back’. In an interview with AA Bell, author of Diamond Eyes, she tells how the music that inspired her while writing the book led to a collaboration, that has created a killer book trailer. Then we hear from the musician involved in her project,  ‘David Meshow’.

We have a copy of Diamond Eyes to give-away. Watch our for the question at the end.

Blitzing the book trailers for many NY Times bestsellers this month is the non-traditional low-budget trailer for Diamond Eyes, by AA Bell.

Over 106,000 views in only 3 weeks! (Here and Here)


Interview with the Author:


How did music play a role during the initial creative process?

Since the main character is blind, music and poetry plays an increasingly important role in the Diamond Eyes trilogy, adding sensory depth to settings as well as a few main plot twists. During the research stage, I therefore searched high and low for musicians who could inspire me by playing as many instruments as my main character, and play them so well, they could do it anywhere – in a garden or forest, and with a quirky sense of humour too preferably, to suit the off-beat characters and varying paces of the story, from slow and melancholy to fast-paced action. That’s how I found French Canadian, David Meshow, a young musical genius who can play at least 8 different instruments (and up to 4 at once, while singing in English, which isn’t his first language!) He also taught me how to play the most amazing electric guitar melodies around a campfire, so I could use it to increase the ‘magical’ aspects of a specific scene in Hindsight (launching in June.)

And in post production?

It seemed only natural that such unique music should play a large role in post production too. So I wrote to David for permission to use part of the music which had inspired me so much during the creative process, and sent him a copy of the book, but he was so inspired by the story, he told me he was keen to write a brand new piece just to suit it. And wow, what a fabulous example of inspiration breeding inspiration. Over 5000 fans now agree it’s his best yet!

Interview with the Musician:

What inspired you when writing the Official Theme to Diamond Eyes?


From the story, I imagined how I would be if I was blind. Seeing nothing, but seeing something that nobody else can see, because it’s only in my head, gave me a lot of strange feelings. I first tuned my acoustic guitar with an unusual scale. After having found the main “chords” I recorded the guitar on my computer, just a simple test. Then i added some improvised piano. I love the sound of piano because you can get some smooth peaceful high tones and aggressive low notes at the same time. At the final recording step, I thought: What could I play to replace these testing notes? I tried different things but my final answer was; “Hey David, don’t change anything. The first recording test was pure emotion. It sounds deep.’ And finally, I used the soundless preview of the traditional trailer to get many ideas for the main ambiance and for adding different sound FX.

How long did it take?

A few minutes here and there, but if I calculate the full time of the composition, mixing and production to finished product, I’d say it took me a good full week. But i don’t like to calculate my time because it “scraps” my imagination and the mood I have when I’m recording a song. It has to be done with heart. The most difficult is the final mixing step because I have to admit that I’m never 100% satisfied. Sometimes I just need to stop or I’ll never release my work. Hehe!

What has this fabulous response from youtube fans meant to you as an artist?

Ha! I’m surprised! I’m the kind of person who is always anxious until I get the first comments. It’s always like that. I really wasn’t expecting such a good response. I wasn’t sure about making a video for the song either. I was wrong, I guess. A lot of fans have told me it’s my best yet. And if I’m here today, it’s thanks to them! This 50 million views could not have happened without them. I’m really happy about everything that’s happened!

To win a copy of Diamond Eyes, AA Bell asks: What music do you listen to when you write?

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11 Responses to Blitzing the book trailers …

  1. Cecilia says:

    I listen to a wide variety but I find that old 70’s rock especially Queen, Blondie, Kiss and ACDC get the creative juices flowing. Loving the fact that musical contribution is becoming such a huge part of written work, great interview

    • Love the 70s rock, so visceral!

      • AA Bell says:

        Oh, yes!!… Love em all… And nothing like Mick Jagger played loud enough to make the car shake when I’m coming home late at night from events, to keep me awake!…

        and that choir he has in “Can’t always get what you want”… right at the end, when they’re really wound up… that can even cure the common cold if I play it loud enough to deafen me for a week! LOL…

    • Cecilia says:

      totally missed Mick off the list, a king for sure :) they all had something that seems missing in the music scene these days, a little bit of magic no longer in the formula lol

  2. Thoraiya says:

    That is one cool book trailer.

    I prefer absolute silence when I write. Birds and falling water are exceptions. But I remember once when I was working on a fantasy novel with platypus spirits and Scottish faeries in it, I found a piece of instrumental music by The Porridge Men which combined bagpipes and digeridoo. It was so perfect I burned it into my brain with repeated listening :)

    • Thoraiya, as a parent of 6 children I rarely have the chance to enjoy silence.

      I simply can’t imagine bagpipes and didgeridoo together!

    • AA Bell says:

      Wow, Thoraiya!!
      That sounded so intriguing I had to go look them up… as it turns out, there’s quite a few of their songs on youtube, and on their website, we can preview their songs before we buy… so sincerest thanks for sharing!!.. They now have 7 songs in my list of favourites!! What a brilliant sound they make as a band with that combination!!!

      (Adore your name by the way… perfect for a fantasy author… mine’s so boring in comparison. sigh.)

  3. Michelle says:

    I like ‘The Journey’ by Tommy Emmanuel. It seems to put my mind into the right zone, gets pictures into my head better than anything else I’ve found. Initial listen; loud with headphones because the cat hates it.
    Also silence is good for rereading and finding the bad bits, because then I can hear myself going ‘Aaargh!’
    Off-topic, in the early 90s there was a kid competing in National Championships for the Blind (athletics) who was already playing 5 instruments at age 12 – and singing – and he had less than 5% sight. He was good too. A lot of blind and vision impaired people seem to gravitate toward music or writing or tactile art, for some reason.

    • The cats hates your music? Who said cats get to be music critics?

      I hope the boy who could play 5 instruments went on to do wonderful things with his music!

    • AA Bell says:

      NICE!!!… Shockingly, I didn’t know that one, so I found the rehearsal backstage for the Oz tour:

      Lovely instrumental… Mannn, I do love guys who can rule the neck like that!! Will have to chase down and buy a HQ version of that one. it’s shooting straight to my favourites too, so thanks for sharing!!..

      I personally need silence when writing new stuff too, but in all those in between moments, when I’m thinking about where I’m going with the story, e.g. when driving and also programmed to think where I’m going physically as well… I love having my favourites playing in the background… helps that I live so far out of town, so there’s a lot of thinking time every day, just getting the kids to school and back to my desk again. :)

      • AA Bell says:

        P.S… how bizarre about the time this was posted… must be some kind of weird “Diamond Eyes” style warping going on in cyberspace, coz I really posted these 3 replied between 1:30am and 2am Thursday morning, March 10th!!! Seriously, the time delay is exactly as it is in the last scene!!..

        how funky!!! LOL

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