Aurealis Blowout!

Wow! Didn’t we do amazingly well? The RORettes had nominations in about five categories, and won 4 of them. FOUR! Never in the history of human endeavor (deep growly voice) has so much been won by so few in so many categories. Only, guys, we have to stop doubling up – Trent and Tansy shortlisted in the same category, Margo and Dirk and Tansy, Marianne and Marianne.

PS great to see Marianne get the award she’s so long deserved. Just shows, if you keep getting shortlisted, you have to win eventually.

Congratulations to everyone, RORettes and non-RORettes alike, and to the organizers of the event (Nathan and Susan) – it was all very smooth-running, very impressive, in a wonderful venue.


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4 Responses to Aurealis Blowout!

  1. Zena Shapter says:

    Great to see you again last night, Richard! I’ve put the photo of us up on my blog already, but I’ll email you another – just so you have a record of the man who walked into a pole whilst reading “Worldshaker”, and smashed his nose (ie. my hubbie)!

    Congratulations everyone! Didn’t you do well!

  2. Flinthart says:

    Heh. According to Wikipedia, I’m the writer with the most nominations in the AAs who’s never actually picked up the silverware. I definitely have to stop doubling up with Margo!

  3. Yes and thankfully the awards was free of controversy. Congrats to all.

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