A sense of achievement

Dear ROR readers,

There are many rebuffs and disappointments along the road to being a career writer, but just often enough there are some uplifting highlights. When I received the final cover of my Sentients of Orion series, I experienced one these.

A profound sense of achievement. I wish you all the same experience. Don’t give up; perserverance can take you place no other mindset can.

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8 Responses to A sense of achievement

  1. Rowena Cory Daniells says:

    They do look good together!

    Your personal book shelf must be looking pretty full now, Marianne.

  2. mdepierres says:

    Yes, it’s looking quite presentable now. Although it would help if my books were twice as long as they are.

  3. trentjamieson says:

    Ha! They’re the perfect length. I can’t wait to have Transformation Space on my book shelf!

  4. twittertales says:

    Hi Marianne,

    Thanks for this post. It was just what I wanted to hear. Do you remember working with fledging writers (myself included, with “Stormhunter”) before we made a pitch to a certain someone from a certain publisher at Conflux 2007? I rewrote “Stormhunter” for them and they’ve had that rewrite a seriously long time (twelve months this month!) which is incredibly flattering while also driving me nuts. So it’s good to hear from someone still celebrating the joy of being on the other side.


    • mdepierres says:

      Hi there, Louise. Indeed I do! They’ve had it twelve months. Goodness… have you had any contact with them in that time?

  5. Quite a few emails have gone back and forth, and they let me know in February that the two heads of the children’s department are discussing it together. I’ll email again in May to check it’s still progressing (however slowly).

    I have another full book at another big publisher (that’s been there eight months), and I’m just about to finishing editing yet another, so at least I have plenty of distraction :)


    • mdepierres says:

      Make sure you keep in touch with them. Polite but consistent. They can’t hold onto it forever without an answer.

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